June 2021

How is the Covid situation in South Africa developing?

South Africa is currently a very dark place. We are faced with the third wave and with a new variant known as the Delta variant. This has caused a big surge in new infections which necessitated that the country had to be placed under tighter restrictions on the movement of persons, gatherings, curfews and the non-pharmaceutical interventions.

We are currently under an extended Lockdown Alert Level 4, for another two weeks. Alert level 4 includes the following restrictions:

  • Curfew: 21h00 – 04h00, except in the case of emergencies or if they are an essential worker
  • All religious, social, political, and cultural gatherings remain banned and schools will remain closed
  • No alcohol sales allowed
  • Leisure travel in and out of Gauteng province remains prohibited
  • Schools and other institutions of higher education will be closed for contact classes
  • Attendance at funerals, only 50 people are allowed, all night vigils, and after tears parties remain banned.

Besides that, South Africa has been faced with looting of malls and shops in provinces such as Gauteng and Kwa Zulu Natal. This happened after the arrest of Jacob Zuma, the unemployment rates, water and sanitation, electricity and the list continues. To date there have been deaths and serious injuries during these lootings and a lot of infrastructure has been burned down and damaged. On top of all that we are faced with an uprising taxi violence which makes it difficult and unsafe for passengers to commute to and from work.

How is COVID-19 affecting you personally?

This time around I’d say it’s more taxing mentally than the previous lockdown because we have to readjust every time. I am able to work from home but the discipline and time management is a real struggle now but I have adapted and it’s much better now.

How is your thesis developing?  When are you starting to develop data?

My thesis has been submitted for ethical clearance, so we awaiting feedback from them to start with data collection and the write up. As for data collection, with COVID-19 and schools not yet at full capacity, we might be faced with a few delays but we remaining positive that everything will work out as it should.

What are you working on besides that? How do you make money?

I am currently working as intern for the Academic Support program at Sport Skills for Life Skills program which is situated at UWC. Getting some money to cover the basic living expenses. We have also started a blanket drive for a hospital in Somerset West. So we have started collecting Fleecy blankets after seeing a need for blankets in the hospitals. And we on our second drive already.

Any other news / anything you’d like to share?

There might be a possibility of an extension on my masters because of the situation in our country and the way COVID is affecting the schooling system, so I am a bit “stressed” about that and if I will be able to get clearance from the Education Department for data collection but I’m keeping the faith!