November 2020

How are you doing and how are you dealing with the current situation regarding the Corona pandemic?

I am doing well under the present circumstances. Dealing with Corona has been the same in regards to the previous few months: we are taking the necessary precautions and just adhere to the Covid 19 rules and regulations.

What are you going to do during your holidays?

I will be working during my holidays, which is something that I have done from a really young age.  I always used to go to his workplace with my dad during the holidays doing casual work. This time I will be working at Oasis, which is the sport and community development and outreach organization where I have been working for a while now.

Which difficulties did you face in the last month? Could you overcome them and – if yes – how?

Personally the difficulty that I faced was having to accept the fact that I failed a module that I know very well I can usually pass and should have passed. With everything that I have already overcome in my life this is supposed to be easy. However, this time it is hard, because not having a supporting family still gets to me. It is hard to think about the fact that the very same people who thought you to make something of your life are the ones that actually do things that are negative for your life. For example instead of helping me pass the module my family, especially my siblings, would rather find ways of making it harder for me to pass and easier to fail. This is what brought them satisfaction and having to accept that is really hard. Failing the module was hard, having family like this is hard, but the way I overcame this reminds me of how far I have come and how far I can still go and this is what helps me keep sane. I’m not a saint and I wanted to give up so many times, but somehow – the lord knows why – I gather the strength to continue every time. Thankfully I also have the support of people who understand my problems.

How did your housing situation change in the last month and what does that mean for you?

Living with my girlfriend has really changed things for myself. Now I am allowed to study whenever I want. I have quietness, stability and someone who supports my dreams and who makes things easier instead of harder. I now live in a situation where I don’t always have to worry about my belongings or about what’s going to get stolen next. I can really just focus on my studies. My duty now is to help with the rent and help wherever I can. As a guy it is a joy to work, and to take care of our women and you know just to lead the right example.

Which positive things did you experience? What was a key development for yourself?

I learnt that I need to start putting myself first, but also that life happens. That things don’t always work out the way one thinks, which is something in all honesty that I know from a very young age already. Another positive experience is the fact that this just makes me stronger mentally. It helps to really see if this is what you want and – if you do – that nothing will stand in your way. I would definitely say that a key development was to put myself first, regardless of what others say.

Have you made up your mind on how you want to move on from here? What are your next steps? Do you want to continue to study?

My next step is definitely to redo the module, pass it and proceed to masters. This is definitely a level I know I can get to and pass. I know my capabilities. I guess the next step is to hopefully get my contract at work renewed or made permanent. So yes, I definitely want to continue studying – that’s for sure.

How do you usually celebrate Christmas? Do you think it’s going to be different this year?

Christmas for me usually starts by going to church for the morning service. We first give thanks and just enjoy being in that space on that particular day.  I normally celebrate it with friends and family where we come together over lunch and just spend the afternoon together as a big extended family. I do think that it will have to be a bit different this year, probably because we will all be wearing masks.

I would just like to thank Kulu Manzi for standing by me. This is something that I appreciate and something that I want to justify. So I wish you a great festive time! Stay safe and well. Have a blessed Christmas and a happy happy new year.