Emilia Adonis

Our scholarship program together with the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town goes into the second round. This year we are making it possible for another student to graduate who could not afford it with her own financial means. Our 2021 scholarship holder is Emilia Adonis and comes from Eerste River, a suburb of Cape Town. With our support, she can officially register for her master’s degree in Sports Development this year and hopefully complete it successfully.


NameEmilia Adonis
Date of birth06.12.1994
LanguagesAfrikaans (mother tongue), English
ResidenceEerste River, Cape Town
OccupationStudent (MPhil Sports Development – University of the Western Cape)
EducationBSc Honours: Kinderkinetics (University of Stellenbosch, 2016-2017)
BA Sport, Recreation and Exercise Science (University of the Western Cape, 2012-2016)
Matric Endorsement, Eben Dönges High School, Kraaifontein, Cape Town
Simonsberg Primary School, Cape Town
InterestsSport (especially Athletics and Netball)

Family and background

I was born and raised in Kraaifontein and moved to Eerste River in 2008. I am currently living in Forest Heights, Eerste River, our home for the last 2 years after moving a couple of times within the area.  I am living with my mother. I am an only child, with no “only child syndrome” tendencies. I grew up with a single parent, who I see as my role model because she does everything with such strength and doesn’t complain once. She always goes the extra mile for me and the people she surrounds herself with. For as long as I can remember we have been moving several times and one time it got so bad that I had to complete my grade 9 school year under candle light due to no electricity from the main house where we stayed. However, I managed to successfully finish my schooling career and studies under these sometimes very difficult circumstances through the grace of God.

My mother had to step up as both mother and father because my father was an absent dad. I wouldn’t say he was completely absent, but even though we kept communication, he made no financial contribution towards any of my studies or any other basic necessities and passed away a few years ago.

My mother is my role model because she does everything with such strength and never complains. She always gives everything for me and the people with whom she surrounds herself.


Education and plans for the future

I am actually a qualified Kinderkineticist (a profession that aims to promote and optimize the neuro-motoric development of children ages 0-13 years, making use of scientifically based physical activity). All programs have preventative, stimulating, developing and rehabilitative nature. I am also doing my Masters in Sports development at the University of the Western Cape.

Growing up with a single mother who worked very hard to make sure that I have everything that I need, there were some things that she couldn’t make provision for such as university fees. Therefore I made sure that I had good marks and made good “connections” with different people all the time. During my undergraduate studies, I was funded by the NSFAS bursary scheme and was able to graduate with no problem. I then took a leap of faith and went to study at Stellenbosch University doing my Honours degree in Kinderkinetics and was once again blessed with a bursary from the sports department. However, that only covered a percentage of my fees. I was able graduate, but with outstanding fees, I couldn’t get my degree certificate making it difficult for me to register as a Kinderkineticist and apply for bursaries and jobs because they usually want to see the degree. I however was blessed again and was able to cover that in 2020 and started my Master’s degree in Sports development in 2019 – once again, same story. I had a bursary, but somehow that didn’t come through due to outside factors and promises not being kept. I continued in my classes, trusting that funding will come. I was able to pay registration in my second semester of classes, but then our contracts at the job that I was working at ended and I was back at square one. I then had to unfortunately put my studies on hold in 2020 because I was unable to pay my studies and the Corona virus also played its part of course. I trusted and prayed that a door will open in 2021 and it did! 

You can find out more about Emilia and her development in the monthly reports.