Philisa Mjambane

This is the third year of our scholarship program together with the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town. This year, we are enabling another student to get her degree, who would not have been able to afford this with her own means. Her name is Philisa Mjambane. She is from Mount Frere, a small town in the Eastern Cape. With our support, she was able to register for her Diploma in „Sports Development“ and will hopefully be able to get her degree in 2023.


NamePhilisa Mjambane
SprachenIsixhosa (mother tongue), English
WohnortCassinga Residence, Cape Town
BeschäftigungWork study program  
AusbildungPost Graduate Diploma in Sport development (currently)
Advanced Diploma in Public Management (Walter Sisulu University, 2021)
National Diploma in Public Management (Walter Sisulu University, 2018-2020)
Matric endorsement, Zibokwana Senior Secondary School. Mount Frere
Elliot Ndabankulu Makaula Junior Secondary School. Mount Frere
InteressenSport (Football)
Youth work

Family and Background

I was born and raised in a small town called Mount Frere in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape province. It feels good when you grow up with both parents, unfortunately I lost my father when I was 5 years old. I have 4 siblings and we grew up with a single parent. Life was not easy because my mother is not educated so it’s difficult for her to get a proper job. She was the only support system in the family but we grew up anyway. We never moved home, we were always living in my parents house, even now my family still lives there. In my family I am the first child to get to matric even though it wasn’t easy. My high school was very far from home, so when my mother didn’t have money to pay for my transport to school I was forced to walk 3 kilometers to school everyday until my mother got money and paid for my transport. It wasn’t easy but I had to be strong because I wanted to be educated.

I love sports. I am interested in encouraging and empowering young girls to pursue sports, especially football, because I am a footballer and also study like what I have been doing. 


Education and plans for the future

I have a degree in Public Management. Currently I am doing my Post Graduate Diploma in Sport Development and Peace at the University of the Western Cape. I am the first person to graduate in my family. I faced many challenges as a student but I managed to push through because I want my mother to be more proud of me and my siblings to have an educated sister and also to be an example in my family. I chose my Public Management degree, because I love working with people. I also chose my Sport Development degree, because I am passionate about sport. I have been playing football my whole life and it contributed so much towards my growth. This degree will help me give back to the next generation. My plan is to give back to football, because it has done so much for me. My career goal is to become a sports director in the future. I would love to live anywhere in the world as long as I am going to be involved in sport. There are 2 places in South Africa that i’d love to experience life more: Durban and East London.  

You can find out more about Philisa and her development in the monthly reports.