July 2021

You have been on TV a few times in the last few months. Can you tell us a little more about the show and what it is about?  

The show is called Expresso Morning show or better known as South Africa’s feel good breakfast show. It airs on SABC 3, weekdays from 6am to 9am. Expresso broadcasts LIVE from their Cape Town studio. I have been blessed with the opportunity to be on the show and create awareness about my profession, Kinderkinetics even though I’m not practicing at the moment. I could incorporate Kinderkinetics into the different topics.

Topics covered so far:

  • “Fitness at home during lockdown and using equipment you can find at home”,
  • I formed part of a panel of different experts in their respective fields and we covered “Stress in Adults and exercises, Stress in Children and stress relieving exercises, Stress and diet and the Psychology point of view and stress”.
  • Using Hoola Hoops for fitness exercises for kids
  • Menstruation and kids
  • ADHD awareness month

This opportunity has helped me to gain more confidence and to trust my capabilities. It is extremely stressful leading up to the show because we need to prepare and make sure that we are ready but the moment the camera goes on all that is gone and we can just enjoy and step into what we have planned and showcase our respective professions.

How is the situation with Covid evolving at the moment? How does it affect you?

We are currently back at lockdown level 3; nothing has changed however we are allowed back on to campus with a permit to do work and training.

Did your thesis pass the ethics committee? What is the status of your thesis, what are you working on at the moment?

I received feedback from the committee, there was a few comments but we fixed the issues, so now we just waiting on final clearance from the committee and then hopefully of schools allow start with testing. We are currently in our second block week of Masters class. We have been completing assignments and presentations.

Are you still able to work?

Yes, luckily all my work is online and via phone call or Whatsapp, so I am able to continue regardless of COVID-19 and restrictions.

Can you give us an example on what you are working on with children? Any particular exercises, routines, etc you usually recommend?

I’m currently not practicing in my field, but when I do the aim is to improve their gross motor skills and to enhance and better their day-to-day life.

Usually, a child will be referred to me by a concerned parent, teacher, occupational therapist etc. They would have noticed that a child is struggling with the basics gross motor movements such as jumping, hopping, kicking etc. or the child will have difficulties with motor planning, proprioception or might be giving behavioral irregularities that causes them to act out.

Each exercise or routine is worked out according to the child and what their difficulties are. We would have a meet and greet with the parent, fill in forms etc. Then we will assess the child with our different testing methods depending on the observations made by the parents and the Kinderkineticist. We then work out a program and incorporate play and fun into it, so the child doesn’t even realize that we are working on their gross motor skills because they are having so much fun. Then we will have post testing again a few weeks later to assess if there is any improvement and what should be worked on.

What kinds of kids are you working with? What is their background?

We work with children aged new born-13 years old, from different backgrounds. The main reason why I’m doing the topic I’m doing for my masters is to assist children from our areas that are not able to afford the services due to their socio-economic status.