August 2020

Achievements at University and key learnings

I started with my sport and development course, which started on the 24th of August. Here I had to complete modules such as public economics, health and development. It was quite refreshing to hear all these experts in the different fields share their knowledge and expertise. I feel like I learned a lot and got to broaden my own knowledge immensely.

Reflections on the Corona situation and studying during the crisis

Classes are still commencing online. The government have opened up a lot more sectors in our country. However, we need to keep in mind that it’s not because the numbers of infections with the corona virus are gradually getting better, but more because our economy was really suffering badly. Hence we should still practise our safety measures and precautions.

Biggest challenges

I had a big of a struggle during the first week into my course as I was still awaiting data from the university, which looks increasingly now as if it will never happen. This prompted me to get my own mobile rooter which has made attending classes so much more convenient. Like I said my challenge was data, but also my own home environment. I’m living with gangsters and drug abusers as my siblings, which is always quite challenging. Also the criminal activities that occur in my area and the fighting of gangs make my daily life difficult. This month, an incident occured where rival gang members ran into our house and hurt one of my brothers with a knife, which definitely traumatized us. However, as always: We carry on.

Jobs and social projects

I worked on social projects at my workplace where I am a program facilitator. We run a soccer project in the cape flats communities which is called “Streetchamps”. This is where we go into the communities to empower them about the benefits of sports and also to teach them life skills. The goal is that they are going to be able to transfer these into other spheres and areas of their lives.

Problems at home

The problem I still have at home is having to live with siblings who do absolutely everything in their power to make your life a living hell. However, because I know I have to look after my dad and provide for him, taking this is bearable. The result is that I’m suffering alone and am not really able to show it. But thankfully I always have the support of others who always help me get up as soon as they start seeing me slip. This is something that keeps me on my toes and something that I appreciate greatly.