May 2022

How is university, how were the first few weeks?

University life is returning back to normal (or the new normal as we know it). There is more movement compared to last year. I am not as involved in the day to day student life of attending class or having assignments, however I had the privilege of completing my final block week of course work and it felt good to be part of a class set up and having these discussions.

What courses did you take part in?

I only had one course to complete and it was Socio Economic development.

How is your thesis progressing, what are you working on?

My thesis is going at a slow but steady pace, I have gone to the schools where I will be doing data collection and handed out all consent and assent forms. If all goes well I will be doing the testing phase in the week of June and God willing be done with half of my participants. Then the plan will be to do the other school in the first half of July and God willing start writing up in July and August.

Are there still Covid restrictions in Cape town and on campus?

Not as much as it used to be, getting into campus you obviously need to be vaccinated and wear your mask and try to maintain all COVID protocols but things have become less strict. We are able to attend some of our classes and meetings face to face and even able to participate in sports fully.

What are you currently doing after university (work, sports, …)?

I am still working at the NGO Sport Skills for Life Skills on UWC, where I assist with the student athletes (Rugby, Cricket and recently added Women’s football) with Academic Support, making sure they are able to handle the pressure of being a STUDENT Athlete.

I recently represented UWC at the USSA Athletics in May, it was a big learning experience. And we are collecting fleecy blankets for an old age home in Grabouw, so that has been keeping me busy as well, trying to collect as many blankets as possible making sure that the eldery people can be a bit warmer this winter.