August 2022

How is your thesis progressing? How is the data collection going?

I am still busy collecting the final bit of data, it’s still taking its time due to me working and the weather in Cape Town. When it rains, I have to postpone all testing, so hopefully by the end of September I will be done because my permission from the WCED is also expiring the 28th of September.

How is your training going? What competitions are you going to take part in this season?

It is going well, we are moving towards the preseason soon. We will then start picking up with the speed training as well as the weights in the gym. So with everything picking up at work, studies and training I am really trying to juggle.

Do you still have the plan to finish your degree by the end of 2022? What are the next steps after that?

The plan is to hopefully get all my data before October and hopefully do the write up etc. and maybe be able to do the March Graduation.

How are you currently dividing your time between university, working and training?

It’s mainly just time management, somehow everything is connecting very well and all linking in together. I think the thing that’s saving me at the moment will have to be the fact that everything is at UWC, so I don’t have to go off campus for work, training or studies.

What does a typical day in winter look like for you? How is it different to summer?

So I would usually wake up at 7 am, go to campus and work from 9am until 16:20, then it would be training and then home time again.

During testing days, I would have to be at the school at 07:30 every morning to get settled in and set up, then depending on when I get done, back to campus again for work and training.

Do you usually get to university by car or public transport?

I am currently making use of a lift club and public transport, depending on the day.

Do you have the feeling that the crime rate in South Africa/Cape Town is going up at the moment? If yes, why do you think that is?

No, not that I am aware of, however there was a shooting recently in my area and it was an athlete so it seems like it is picking up again.