May 2022

How is university, how were the first few weeks?

University is good, just the work load that is hectic. It feels good to be back at university, but feels weird having class online and not being on campus physically. The first few weeks of university were crazy. I had block teaching and that meant having class the whole day and getting lots of work and assignments.

What courses did you take part in?

I’m doing my postgraduate diploma in Sport Development and Peace and the courses I had for the first semester were: Sport Development and Peace, Policy, Implementation and Evaluation in Sport and Development Context and the last one was Research Methods in the Development Context.

Are there still Covid restrictions in Cape Town and on campus?

Yes there are still Covid restrictions in Cape Town and on Campus.

What are you currently doing after university?

I have a part-time waitering job so when I am available then I work and I also do volunteering work at a rugby club, helping with the admin.