July 2020

Achievements at University and key learnings

What I did at University for this month was get my marks for the module sport development and peace for which I got 71%. I have also done a zoom meeting with some professors regarding policies as it relates to my job description so I’m learning bits and pieces regarding the set up of policies

Ways of studying during the crisis

So far I haven’t gotten my laptop fixed and I’m actually starting to worry about it because University is starting soon. My courses start on the 24 August. They will take place online, which is another dilemma as I still haven’t received any data yet. This could affect my ability to attend classes. It would also be a huge plus point to have my laptop fixed as it will be better for me to use when I write rapports and things but I’m keeping the faith.

Biggest challenges

Personally I’m on good terms with most of my friends and family members except a few like my two brothers. I don’t talk to them at all and honestly I don’t want to have any relationship with them of any sorts. I don’t carry hatred, but I have come to like my small circle and my brothers, who are supposed to look out for me, are the ones who have and who still are hurting me the most. With friends it’s sometimes a challenge as you can’t always talk about your dreams. Where I’m from I’m friends with a lot of drop outs, people who didn’t finish school or used to do drugs. So they can’t always see my vision, but it’s okay because I understand that and it’s mine to see anyways. Once someone used to say the imagination is a coming attraction of things unseen, because if you can see it, then you can be it, and it’s the absolute truth.

Involvement in social projects

I did some social programs with the organization “Oasis” in my community and in the other surrounding communities like Lotus River, Nyanga and Gugulethu. We did some outreach programs in the form of something we call street champs. We organised a tournament with the youth playing in a particular area and then provided the participants with life skills as well as general coaching in football. We also did talent identification, as Oasis is a football club as well as a establishment for homeless people. They help them find a direction in their life again and try to help them develop important skills which allows them to become sustainable members of their societies again.

The development of the Corona crisis

The corona virus pandemic is still largely in effect, which has left our country in turmoil. Schooling has been a bit of a no-go with some parents refusing to send their children to school, which is quite understandable.  When I watch the news they show how the pandemic has brought people closer together all over the world. It has brought the love and nature of caring for one another back to various parts of the world, but not in South Africa, where it has done the complete opposite. We are even further behind then where we were before the pandemic started.

Wishes for the next month

My wishes for the coming month are to remain in close contact with my funders, to continue bouncing ideas of each other and just to grow together as we have been doing and also to learn as much as I possibly can.