Excellent Phaswana

We are thrilled to announce that we will be extending our scholarship program into its fourth year, partnering once again with the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town. This year, we are honored to support two outstanding students in their pursuit of higher education. One of the recipients is Excellent Phaswana, who is currently still living in Mpumalanga Witbank Ezinambeni. Excellent is currently enrolled in the Master’s program in “Sport for Development” and we are excited to see her thrive as she works towards her degree, expected to be completed in 2024.


NameExcellent Phaswana
Date of birth29.08.2001
LanguagesTshivenda (mother tongue), English, IsiZulu, Sepedi
ResidenceCurrently located at Mpumalanga Witbank Ezinambeni
OccupationStudent (Master of Philosophy Sport for Development)
EducationBachelor of Science in recreation and leisure studies 
National senior certificate 

Family and Background

We are a family of four including my mom who is a single parent and a breadwinner for us. I have a very close relationship with my family, I live together with them, and we see each other everyday. We engage in most leisure activities such as going to the parks, taking a walk, and other indoor activities like playing games. I am currently living in Mpumalanga Witbank together with my family. I was born and bred in a small village called Ha-Maelula in Limpopo province living with my grandmother who unfortunately passed away. I went to a local school called Nyatema Primary school where I passed my grade 7 then moved to Humbelani Secondary School where I passed my Matric.

It’s amazing to see how sports can unite people from all different backgrounds and bring them together.


Education and plans for the future

I decided to choose a sports career at university as I had passion in sports and the love for physical activities and competition. I completed my Bachelor of Science in recreation and leisure studies in 2023 from the University of venda. I am currently furthering my studies at the University of Western Cape on which I am doing Master of philosophy in sports for development. My plans are as follows: To make sure that I bring people together regardless of their background and nationality through sports which can foster a sense of community and create shared experiences that unites people. I also want to make sure that I promote health and wellbeing through sports, and lastly to make sure that sports can be taken very seriously across the world. Well, I want to see myself having a job that I will be dealing with sports, recreation and leisure.

You can find out more about Excellent and her development in the monthly reports.