August 2021

You told us that you received clearance for your thesis from the ethics committee. What does that mean for the process and what are your next steps? What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently in the data collection phase of my master’s. I am now supposed to be testing the participants at the two selected schools, however I need to first get permission from the Western Cape Education Department. It has been a struggle thus far with no replies and no one picking up their phones, I have spoken to other peers and they also facing the same issues.

South Africa is not a virus variant area anymore which means less travel restrictions. Do you recognise any improvements in daily life?

We are currently in level 2, there is no major change in the rules besides the curfew that has been moved to 23:00-04:00 and the amount of people allowed at funerals, churches etc.

When do you think will you be finished with your master’s thesis and degree? Is there a time limit?

The main goal is to finish September 2022 (God Willing)! I have ethical clearance till 2026, but my degree allows for 3 years to completion so 2023 is cut off, but the goal remains September, 2022 (God Willing).

Do you already have any plans after that? Regarding jobs or in general?

I am planning to implement my research findings into the school setting by becoming a qualified teacher. I would like to use the skills that I have acquired over the last couple of years into teaching. Currently I am working at an NGO at UWC named Sport Skills for Life Skills and I am going to try and grow as much as possible and learn as much as possible too!

Are there any courses taking place at university again or is everything still online?

Everything is still online as before, there is no change however there has been more movement now that we are back on level 2. I am assuming that it’s students busy with their practical blocks like the nursing, biokinetics, physiotherapy, occupational students.