June 2022

How are you getting along at university? What are you working on?

I am currently still working at the university with the NGO that I was working with. The university is more relaxed now when it comes to entering the university premises and there is more movement in campus.

How is your thesis coming along?

I have officially completed all my course work for my degree and passed the last module that I had to do. I can now fully focus on completing my thesis. I will continue this week with data collection, because the schools were on holiday so hopefully this semester and the next report, I will be able to report on that.

Can you feel any impact of the current financial crisis and the war in Ukraine in South Africa? If yes, how?

Most definitely. All the prices are high, and the petrol prices is even worse, so doing the basics like getting to work or training one must decide if it is worth it to go in or just work from home and go in every second day.

How are you doing besides university? Are your jobs going well?

Work is going well; I was on leave for a week and could just switch off from the world and focus on the next phase of life.

What was the nicest thing you did in your free time in the last month?

I went for a massage and just rested and watched movies and series, something I couldn’t really do because of the busy schedule that I had.  We started a blanket drive for an old age home in Grabouw.

Do you have anything special planned for the next month?

We are planning to do a Sanitary Towel drive end of July or beginning of August and we are hoping to have a successful drive and support women and girls who can’t afford this basic necessity.