Kulu Manzi Project

Kulu Manzi is a private project that aims to support children in South Africa on their way to a better life. Sport and education for us are the most important tools to strengthen the personality and can provide a way out of poverty. We cooperate with partner projects in Cape Town, which take over the implementation of the projects on site for us. We collect money from our supporters on a private basis, ensure that it reaches our partners without detours and try to use it together the best way possible.

Our name

“Kulu Manzi” is Zulu, one of eleven national languages ​​in South Africa and means “big water”. Water is the element that unites us all. It consists of many small drops that together make up the big picture. Each one is of great importance and the movement of the individual leads to a wave that extends through the collective. Water is the source of all life. We want to create a positive wave so that the children of Lavender Hill and other young people from the many townships in Cape Town can have a better future instead of drowning in their hopeless situation.

Our guiding principle

Kulu Manzi stands for transparency and efficiency. We are a private project and can only accept money as a gift. We can not issue donation receipts, therefore there will be no tax benefits or large expenses for the organization. We collect monetary gifts, pay our account management and transfer fees and then ensure that every remaining cent generates added value in the project.