Learning in Reach

Education for a better future

Learning in Reach is a solution-oriented, non-profit organization based in Cape Town. The focus is on the development of children at an early age. Learning in Reach aims to provide teachers and parents with the knowledge they need to improve children’s education. Important areas are health, nutrition and education, as well as trauma counseling for those affected, especially in the township Lavender Hill.

Learning in Reach supports various projects in order to achieve its goals. The Learning in Reach Scholarship Fund is designed to combat racism in schools in the township and to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds get better education. The “Power of Literacy” program provides school classes with books that the children can take home with them – this way they develop a relationship with literature and an interest in reading. With the “Poverty Stoplight” approach, Learning in Reach supports children and their families on their way out of poverty. Here, the principle of “helping people to help themselves” is especially important.  The organization looks for ways out of poverty in half-yearly meetings together with the whole family. According to the holistic approach, the support and involvement of parents is important in all projects.