PLAY HANDBALL offers perspectives

PLAY HANDBALL is a sports and development organization based in Germany and South Africa. The focus is on handball and youth development. Born from the vision of the former German Handball Bundesliga player Nicola Scholl, the organization works to create opportunities for young people in Cape Town through handball and thus to improve their lives. Handball is an important development tool: Through sport, PLAY HANDBALL gives young people the opportunity to experience joy, team spirit and competition. As a result, they strengthen their self-esteem with positive experiences and develop enthusiasm, responsibility and determination.

PLAY HANDBALL provides knowledge

PLAY HANDBALL supports local youth, sports and development organizations as well as schools in acquiring handball-specific knowledge and skills. As a result, they strengthen social skills in children and adolescents. They train new coaches and at the same time promote the spread of sport in South Africa. In cooperation with renowned partners such as the German Handball Association and scientific staff from the German Sport University in Cologne, PLAY HANDBALL develops training concepts for handball in combination with social skills. The focus is on the environment, conflict management & integration, equality and health.