August 2022

How are you doing at university? Is the workload still intense? What courses are you taking part in at the moment?

I am officially done with my classes, I only have one more assignment due.

How is work? Are there more events now that winter is coming to an end soon?

Work is getting busy now that winter is coming to an end and we are coming closer to the festive season.

What does a typical day in winter look like for you? How is it different to summer?

If I’m not at work I usually just stay in bed all day and binge watch series. Summer is my favourite season, I like to be outside and most preferably at the beach. In winter I prefer being indoors because it’s always cold and rainy.

Do you usually get to university by car or public transport?

I make use of public transport.

Do you have the feeling that the crime rate in South Africa/Cape Town is going up at the moment? If yes, why do you think that is?

Yes it is. The police force are not capable enough to help reduce crime in the country. Most of the time people take the law into their own hands because we cannot depend on the police.