April 2022

Why did you apply for the Kulu Manzi scholarship?

I believe that my financial situation, combined with my record of hard work and dedication, makes me a good candidate for your bursary.

What are you studying and what do you plan to achieve with your degree?

I am doing my post graduate Diploma in Sport Development and Peace. With my degree I hope to start my own wellness center and orphanage and help children get a safe and loving home.

What are your career goals?

My career goals are to be successful and be part of the Western Province Sport Association that is involved in club sports. I want to be able to support community clubs that are struggling and help them. I want to own my own wellness center one day.

What kind of problems did you have at University in the last few months?

The fact that I had to save up what little money I gained from my part time job just to register was stressful enough. I did not know how I would accumulate the rest of the study fees for the full year or even have half of it by first semester end. Attending class was one of the problems I had. Reason being, was that its online classes and I had to borrow a laptop each day.

What does a typical day at University look like for you?

I usually just go to my classes and come straight home. But sometimes when class was still at campus then me and my friends would either hang out at the café or the library. But this year classes are online because of Covid-19 regulations.

What is your job situation – are you working while studying?

I do part-time waitering and I also sell Avon products. 

What are your plans for your studies in 2022?

My plan is to pass all my modules with good marks and complete my studies. I want to succeed in my studies and do all my tasks and assignments to the best of my ability. 

What are your expectations for the cooperation with Kulu Manzi and how can we support you in the future?

I have no expectations. However, to show my gratitude for helping me, I would assist and do what is necessary for us to have a good relationship and comply with whatever Kulu Manzi is expecting of me. If ever the time would come that I would need the help of Kulu Manzi again, it would most probably be for the funds of my Master’s Degree.

Anything else you want to add/share?

When I got the phone call from my professor to let me know that I was chosen for this bursary I felt so relieved and overjoyed. Therefor I would like to add and thank Kulu Manzi for funding my studies and in hopes that Kulu Manzi continue in their stride to help wherever they can. Because if not for the help from Kulu Manzi I would’ve had no choice but to drop out. So Thank you and God bless.