Report June 2023

How is job hunting going? Have you applied for many jobs and what was the feedback so far?

I have been applying for jobs. There were a few posts I was qualifying for and I applied, but other posts needed someone with a driver’s license and I do not have it for now. I haven’t received feedback on the applications yet.

What does a typical week look like for you?

Usually I don’t get busy a lot during the day, but if I have some school work I focus a lot on it and balance it with training or a gym. For me it is great that I am an athlete because being active balances me well with my academics. Then if ever I do not have school work to do, I do some research on anything that I am interested in. In my free time I study for the theory part of my learners’ driving license.

You are playing football in the first league in South Africa. What does this mean for you – how often do you have training and matches, how far do you have to travel for matches, what does traveling look like?

I am a footballer playing in the first division league in South Africa called Hollywoodbets Super League. It is the top league for girls here. For me it feels so good to be part of this league and am grateful that I am playing in this top league. Playing in this division of football means a lot to me. We train four times a week and we rest one day. We play every weekend and we travel a lot since we play home and away games. Per season we play 30 games, on the first leg we play 15 games and also on the second leg we play 15 games. When we travel we use flights, and we travel to different provinces all over South Africa. Traveling is tiring, especially sometimes when we travel and play the same day, but we manage to play and win the games. Other teams are in rural places, so sometimes when we land at the airport we have to take a long drive by bus to the other team’s place. So all in all traveling is too much.

What position are you playing? What is your goal regarding football?

I play forward. I am a striker and a winger. I am a right footed player. My goal regarding football is to play abroad. I just want to experience playing football not only in South Africa, but also in other countries. For example in Germany they have proper playing fields, and I would like to play on those fields one day. I am interested in how things work in football in Germany. I would like to know everything about German football, specifically for ladies.

What have you been working on at the university in the last month? What is coming up?

I am done with the school work for the first semester and am waiting for the results now. School work is not always easy, there are times where the difficulties hit. At University they were hosting a First Aid course. They said everyone who was interested should attend, so I decided to join. They taught us about First Aid and they showed us the practicals and the other day we wrote a test. I passed, so now I am waiting for my First Aid certificate level one. Also, I am working on getting a driver’s license, but for now am still studying the theory of learner’s license, so that it will get easier for me to find a job.