September – October 2022

How is your master’s thesis progressing? What are you working on now?

Things are going better than the last time that we spoke, I was able to do my data collection at my first school, so my process is halfway through. I enjoyed the testing, and everything went smoothly.

Currently I am working through the data and as soon as schools reopen next year, I will get the last school and start with the writing up process.

What else is going on in South Africa and Cape Town now?

Nothing much that I am aware of besides it’s starting to pick up heat and I am enjoying it because I love summer.

What are your plans for the next few weeks? Are you planning anything fun now that summer is almost there?

We are currently in our recruitment and application process for the new students of 2023. So, I will be at work most of the time and on the track training for the season to come. And then celebrate birthdays – mine included.

How is your job going?

The application process for the new students is always the busiest time, so the pace is picking up again.