December 2023: End-of-year report

How did you spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Did you have a good time?

I spent Christmas with my family at home. We were very happy, we enjoyed Christmas together as a family. We played games and we had lot of fun. We cooked with my cousins and aunt. Also we were celebrating my late grandma’s birthday on Christmas day. It was a big day in my home. I spent New Year’s Eve with my friends it was also fun.

Did you get your final results? How were they?

I have my final results but I didn’t pass all my modules. I failed one module.

What difference did the Kulu Manzi scholarship make for you?

Kulu Manzi scholarship played a huge role in my life, because no one in my family would have been able to afford my school fees. 

What are your plans for next year?

I planned to continue my studies, but unfortunately things didn’t go my way academically. Now have to do the module I failed and keep on looking  for a job.

What were your key learnings and achievements in the past year? 

I learned a lot of things last year football wise, academically and personally. I have two certificates, one for First Aid and one for learners license. In December we played a USSA games and I was the top goal scorer of the tournament and I was awarded.

Did the scholarship fulfill your expectations? What was good/not good? What could we have done better?

The Scholarship fulfilled my expectation 100%. It did good for me and I appreciate that. You did everything well.

Would you recommend the scholarship to other students?

Yes I would recommend the scholarship to other students.

Anything else you like to share?

I would like to thank you so much for having me in the Kulu Manzi family. You changed my life. You gave me hope, you lightened my future. I was pushing so hard to pass all my modules, because I didn’t want to disappoint you and I wanted you to see that I’m the right person you chose for the scholarship. Unfortunately I failed one module and it hurts.