July 2022

How is university going? What are you working on? 

It is going well just a bit intense with the work load. I`m currently busy with my last week of block teaching for my course.

How were the first weeks after the semester break and how are your courses so far?

It was still busy because I had to finish my last assignments but afterwards I had time to relax. My courses are intense but I am managing and I made it through the three weeks.

How is the impact of the financial crisis and the war in Ukraine developing? Here in Germany things keep getting more expensive and lots of developments in the financial sector are happening. What do the media say about it in South Africa?

It has affected South Africa: Petrol and oil prices keep rising. And due to this increase the price of moving goods and services will also go up, for example food prices. The cost of living will go up and employment will suffer. Due to load shedding the price of electricity goes up as well. The crime rate has also increased. There has been many reports on the rate of inflation rising as well due to the war in Ukraine.

Which Covid restrictions are still in place in South Africa? What do the media say about the development in the next few months?

Most of the restrictions have been lifted. There are still a few people that choose to wear masks for their own safety. There is not much news on the development of Covid as most people are trying to get their lives back to normal. People are still aware of Covid but the chose to keep on living and getting in routine.

How is the vaccination process coming along? Have most South Africans been vaccinated?

There is still a large number of people that needs to be vaccinated. There have been so many conspiracy theories about the vaccine that some people chose not to get vaccinated. And after the restrictions were lifted people decided that they will no longer get vaccinated – according to them Covid is gone.

How are your jobs going? 

I haven’t been working much due to classes but I have been working weekends and it is going well.

Did you do anything nice in your free time in the last month?

No I haven’t had the time or finances because I have other responsibilities. I’ve been working and focussing on my studies.

What is your favourite season in Cape Town and why?

Summer is my favourite season. The weather is nice and warm and makes me feel happy and I can go to the beach and spend time with my loved ones. It’s festive season and people are generally happy.