Report July 2023

How is job hunting going? Any feedback so far?

As I applied I haven’t received any feedback. But I work under the University work study program in my team manager’s office where I have signed a one year contract. In some tournaments that I don’t qualify to play I volunteer to be an assistant manager so that I can learn how to manage a team and learn some other things because they might help me in the future.

Have you been following the soccer world championships? What do you think about SA’s performance? What is your favorite team besides SA?

Yes I have been following the World Cup since the day it started. South Africa made history. It is for the first time in South African history that they went through the knockout stages to the round of 16 in the World Cup tournament. The girls represented us very well and I am so proud of them. My favorite team is Japan. The Japan team is so united inside and outside the field, they are the hard workers and they push together. I love the culture of Japanese football because after every game they play the Japanese supporters clean the stadium, they take all the trash, bottles, papers, plastics and leave the stadium clean.

What have you been working on at university in the last month? What is coming up?

Last month there was a school break. I went home to see my family. In football we were in the International break. During this break, as I was home I was helping some kids in my community with university applications for next year (2024). They appreciated my help and I was happy I could help. For now there is a tournament for top Eight Universities that takes place in our capital city Pretoria. I do not qualify to play in this tournament because I am over 25 years old. It is for students who are under 25 years. I am part of the team as an assistant manager. The classes for the second semester are starting next week on the 14th of August.

How is your driver’s license going?

I haven’t done the license yet. I have been studying the theory on my own, not at the driving school. But when I am done studying for it I will do it. I want to have it before the end of this year.

Do you have any special plans for the upcoming weeks?

I am looking forward to attending new modules in my class and doing assessments. The football season is going to open towards the end of this month, I am so excited to be on the field again. If there are new posts I am going to apply. In my spare time I am going to help those kids who need my help for university applications.