Jan Väthjunker

Jan studied sport and tourism in Cologne and spent a total of one year in Cape Town during his studies. He has worked for a tourism association and as a sports data analysis and has now specialized in web development.

In 2012, I came to Cape Town for the first time as part of an internship and was able to help build a surfing foundation from scratch. Our goal was to get children out of the townships and give them an alternative to life on the streets. After the foundation had to be given up, I founded the Kulu Manzi project in 2015 and since then have been trying to pursue our goals and continue to support the kids on my own.


Judith Väthjunker

Judith went to South Africa for the first time in 2006. During a student exchange in Pretoria she fell in love with the beautiful country. Since then she has returned to South Africa several times and has experienced the grievances in the townships up close. Judith works in a PR agency in Cologne.

The inequality between rich and poor is particularly noticeable in beautiful Cape Town. Breathtaking nature, mountains almost in the city, great weather, the glittering sea in front of the door – and many children who live in the township have never seen all of this. Kulu Manzi tries to make life a bit more pleasant for a few children from the township Lavender Hill and that can only be supported.


Matthias Linn

Matthias Linn is a biologist and works in public relations for an NGO that mainly focuses on saving the tropical forests. He believes that education is the most important tool in every country to eradicate poverty – and sport is a great way to reach, connect, and motivate people.

I hope Kulu Manzi can help make the lives of young South Africans in Lavender Hill a little better. Jan made it clear to me how bad the situation in the townships is for young families. Therefore I would like to use my knowledge to support the project and the children of Lavender Hill.


Moritz Keppel

Moritz is co-founder and managing director of a design agency that specialises in textile printing. In 2017, his company founded a new brand of fairtrade clothing that supports Kulu Manzi with redeem from their sales.

In view of our privileged life in Europe, I am more than happy to be able to support the project in every way. I would like to contribute to creating a better life for the people and especially the children in Cape Town.