Our achievements

Total budget used:

12.045,53 €


April 9

Budget: 692,36€

Emilia Adonis

Our cooperation with the University of the Western Cape (UWC) goes into the second year. Our joint scholarship program supports our first female student, Emilia Adonis, this year. Together with your help, we will finance the last year of her master’s degree in “Sports Development” and thus enable her to write her master’s thesis.



  • 1 x Tuition fees for the Masters Course “Sports Development” – University of the Western Cape
  • 1 x Transaction fees


April 21

Budget: 1.599,68€

Budget: 1.599,68€

We are cooperating with the University of the Western Cape (UWC). In the first year our joint scholarship program supports the committed student Rusche Petersen. Together with your help, we will finance the one-year diploma in Sport, Development and Peace.



  • 1 x tuition fee for the diploma Sport, Development and Peace – University of the Western Cape
  • 1 x transfer fee


November 1

Budget: 1.500,42€

Handball in Lavender Hill

Thanks to your great support, we were able to extend the internship program to 2019 and thus also support the handball and educational program for another year in Lavender Hill.


  • 1 x internship program for 12 months
  • 1 x transaction fees


June 1

Budget: 4.387,50€ (+170€)

Handball Workshop in Lavender Hill

In the second year of the Kulu Manzi project and especially during the fourth stay in South Africa, our focus was on structural changes to the project. Nevertheless, collecting money was again an essential part of our actions this year. With the help of our newly acquired cooperation partners, we were able to establish a handball and educational project at the schools in Lavender Hill. We covered the costs for an internship program throughout 2018 as well as the care of the intern and her family on their way out of poverty. In addition, we provided four school classes with the books they needed to learn.



  • 1 x internship program for 12 months
  • 1 x Poverty Stoplight program for 12 months
  • 4 x equipment of a school class with books
  • 1 x transaction fees
  • Plus: 170€ that were donated explicitly for our flights


March 1

Budget: 1.250€

Jan bei der Stipendienübergabe

After the original foundation had to be abandoned in 2015 and Jan started the private Kulu Manzi project, we started to acquire funds for the third visit in Cape Town. The focus was again on school clothes and equipment. For the first time we were also able to cover school fees.



  • 3 x school fees
  • 3 x school uniforms (girls)
  • 4 x school skirts
  • 8 x sport school uniforms
  • 9 x school pants
  • 15 x school jumpers
  • 10 x pairs of school shoes
  • 22 x school backpacks
  • 50 x short sport pants
  • 50 x school t-shirts
  • 50 x caps
  • 110 x pairs of socks


September 1

Budget: 2.275€

Jan bei der Geschenkübergabe 2014

During the preparation of Jan’s second stay in Cape Town, the goal was to raise some money to help the children of Lavender Hill. The money was invested in food, school uniforms and the maintenance of the foundation.



  • 52 x sandwiches, fruit and drinks
  • 26 x school jackets
  • 26 x school pants
  • 52 x school shirts
  • 35 x pairs of school shoes
  • 52 x school socks
  • 1 x repair works for the van
  • 2 x licenses for the vehicles
  • 5 x softboards (3 x 7 Ft and2 x 8 Ft)
  • 1 x lunchbox
  • 5 x cups
  • 2 x footballs
  • 2 x rugby balls
  • 4 x sunscreen
  • 10 x towels
  • 30 x Kulu Manzi second skin including logoprint
  • 2 x logoprint for the van and trailer


September 1

Budget: 170€

After Surf Snack

In the first year of the Kulu Manzi Foundation, we provided the kids with peanut butter sandwiches, fruit and drinks after each surf session. At the end of his first internship, Jan cooked a stew with his host mother and made sure the twenty or so children got a warm meal. He also gave away a few of his clothes.



  • 8 x sandwiches, fruit and drinks
  • 1 x warm stew
  • 1 x swimming trunks
  • 1 x towel
  • 1 x t-shirt