Raedene Lucas

We are extremely happy to go into our fourth year of our scholarship program together with the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town. This year, we are supporting another student in obtaining her degree. Her name is Raedene Lucas. She is from Mitchell’s Plain, a suburb of Cape Town on the Cape Flats. She is currently enrolled in the Master’s course „Sport for Development“ and will hopefully be able to get her degree in 2024.


NameRaedene Lucas
Date of birth
LanguagesEnglish, Afrikaans 
ResidenceCape Town
OccupationMasters Candidate: Sport for Development (University of The Western Cape)
Chairperson of the Youth Network for Sport, Development and Peace
EducationPostgraduate Diploma in Sport for Development, Cum Laude (University of The Western Cape)
Certificate in Massage for Sport and Fitness (ETA College)
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sport, Recreation and Exercise Science, Psychology Major (University of The Western Cape)
Relaxing at the beach
Youth Development and volunteerism

Family and Background

I was raised on the Cape Flats, Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town—a suburb designed for people of mixed race by the Apartheid Government of South Africa. My single mother, a firm believer in education’s power for a brighter future, brought up my siblings and me. Growing up in the community, I attended a local primary school, and at the age of 6, I was scouted for the first High-Performance Gymnastics Club in Cape Town, Giants Gymnastics Club. For the next decade, I immersed myself in high-performance Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, competing nationally. Through this athletic journey, I came to realize the pressing need for athlete support in South Africa. It became clear to me that sports could play a unique role in contributing to socio-economic development and upward mobility.

Our lives aren’t just measured in years, they are measured in the lives of the people we touch around us.

Raedene (The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins)

Education and plans for the future

After completing high school, I decided to take a year off to navigate the uncertain waters of the future. It was during this hiatus that I crossed paths with Prof. Marion Keim and became a part of the Foundation for Sport, Development, and Peace team. Given my background in sports, I quickly identified the crucial need for psychological support for young athletes in High-Performance Sport. This realization fueled my decision to pursue an undergraduate degree in Sport, Recreation, and Exercise Science, with psychology as my major. My academic journey didn’t stop there. I delved into postgraduate studies and enrolled in the Postgraduate Diploma in Sport for Development, where I proudly graduated at the top of my class with Cum Laude honors. Currently, I’m deep into my Master of Philosophy in Sport for Development, with a particular focus on promoting inclusion for individuals with disabilities in sports, aiming to enhance accessibility from grassroots to international competitions, including the International Paralympic Games. In addition to my academic pursuits, I play a vital role on the Foundation’s board as the Youth Coordinator and Chairperson of the Youth Network for Sport, Development, and Peace. My vision is clear—to continue “leveling the playing fields and reducing inequalities” through my global efforts in the realm of sport.

You can find out more about Raedene and her development in the monthly reports.