November – December 2022: End-of-year report

You were the first student who got the Kulu Manzi stipend for a second year in a row. How was your second year with us?

It was definitely different from the first year, I was more matured and had more to do but I didn’t have to worry about registration fees and all the drama that comes with it! The support from the scholarship was amazing!

What difference did it make?

It took a big load off my shoulders because I was now able to focus on my studies only and no financial worries.

Have you been able to finish your studies?

Not yet, I have one semester hopefully to finish and get it done.

What’s next?

My Post Graduate Diploma in Education and hopefully integrate what I’ve found in my research in the school setting

What were your key learnings and achievements in the past year?

That nothing works out as we plan it but definitely the way God plans.

What are your plans for 2023? Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

I don’t do the whole new year resolutions thing, because I believe that God has already worked everything out according to His perfect plan.

How was 2022 different from what you had planned last year and why?

It was so much busier with a lot of big events and things that I never would’ve imagined in 2021, like shooting for Asics international and doing my research testing and even achieving everything that I achieved, so it was a busy but blessed year indeed.