Felix Mairhofer

Athletics professional Felix Mairhofer has a very special connection to Kulu Manzi: he and Jan made their first experiences in Africa together. In 2012, the triple jumper was in Cape Town at the same time and was staying with the same host family. He also did an internship there. While Jan worked at a surfing foundation alongside working at a school, Felix focused on supporting the children at Hyde Park Primary School. There he brought his passion for athletics closer to the boys and girls.

Felix comes from Eppingen near Heidelberg and has been a competitive athlete for many years. He has been one of the best triple jumpers in Germany for a good decade. In addition to two silver medals and three bronze medals at the German Championships, Felix has been the South German Champion twelve times.

Felix has been supporting Kulu Manzi for several years. In the future, he will start with our logo on his chest and represent our values.

I’ve known Jan for almost ten years now. Even then you could feel that South Africa is something very special for Jan – and this connection has been further strengthened by his great commitment. Through the founding of the Kulu Manzi association, children and young people have already been able to receive targeted support in recent years. I find it outstanding that Kulu Manzi enables ambitious but financially disadvantaged school graduates to study with a scholarship and thus offers the scholarship holders completely new opportunities. Education is such an important asset in this world and this is where Kulu Manzi invests in the future of Cape Town/South Africa.

Kulu Manzi’s work is just amazing. I am incredibly proud of you and I am happy to be a small part of it!

Felix Mairhofer