March – April 2024

How is university going, what are you currently busy with?

As a final year Masters Student, I serve as the Graduate Lecturing Assistant in all postgraduate degrees in SDP. This includes the role of student support and guidance of all students. It also includes guest lectures as part of my portfolio. The first semester and block classes for the PGDIP and MPHIL programmes have concluded in March. Concurrently, my focus has shifted solely to my thesis work. The workload is substantial, and therefore requires a disciplined plan of action. Thus, I am staying consistent in the writing of my chapters and staying in constant communication with my supervisor and of all participants and organisations involved in the study.

What have you been up to the last two months with regards to community engagement at the Youth Network SDP?

⁠In the last two months, at the Youth Network for Sport, Development and Peace, we have hosted multiple projects at the Youth Hub in Khayelitsha. With these youth, we hope to develop into a cohort that practices and advocates for the use of sport as an enabler for social change within their communities and amongst their peers. Most importantly, the Youth Network is a safe space for youth to be seen, heard and respected.

South Africa is slowly getting closer to winter. What difference does that make for your daily life? What’s your favourite season and why?

The only difficulty is getting out of bed in the mornings – but luckily I can take my laptop with me there too! My favourite season is autumn, because of the symbolism, that it brings with it a sense of change and that everything will blossom again.