May 2024

How is university going, what are you currently busy with?

University is going well. I was currently busy with my last assignment of first semester which I just submitted a few days back.

Have you been following the elections? What does the outcome mean for you? What is the sentiment about it in Cape Town?

Yes, I have been following the elections. The ruling party that has been ruling for a few years has won again in the provincial legislature at Cape Town, meaning the ruling party is perceived to be delivering on its promises and providing adequate services and lastly maintaining a stable economy in the Cape Town community.

Did you have any big successes or achievements in the last month? Did you struggle with anything?

Yes, I had a big achievement in the last month of May. I just graduated on my first degree, and I was the best/top student. To me it is really a big achievement as it was one of my goals to be the top achiever. I did not struggle with anything, but it is just a bit challenging to get a job that is related to sports.

Which classes are you enjoying the most and why?

I enjoyed all my first semester classes as all my lecturers made it easy in class like being friendly and simple to understand everything but the most favourite class for me was the one of research methodology. I really enjoyed learning how I can conduct my thesis in different styles and I like the fact that it is a bit challenging and I literally love academic challenges.

Anything else you like to share?

I am happy that I am done with all my first semester work, the assignments and the take-home exams and I am just waiting for the results.