May 2024

How is university going, what are you currently busy with?

University is going very well and we are busy, but everything is going according to plan! At University, we have just concluded the first semester and preparations for semester 2. The students performed very well – I am excited for what the second semester brings. 

Did you have any big successes or achievements in the last month? Did you struggle with anything?

At the UNESCO Chair SDP and Olympic Education, preparations for the First Olympic Education, Sport and Peace Conference 2024 are underway, this prestigious event will be held in Paris and can be attended virtually and in person. The conference will take place 2 days before the Olympic Games begin and I am honoured to be presenting on the Youth Panel. 

How is your thesis coming along? What are you working on at the moment and what are your next steps?

⁠Things are going very well with regards to my thesis. The process of creating the first draft is taking place, with the guidance of my Supervisor (Prof. Nondwe Mlenzana) and the lecturers in the department (Prof. Christo De Coning and Prof Marion Keim). I have learned some new information that will guide my study in a very exciting direction with regards to the experiences of gymnasts with a disability in South Africa. I look forward to continuing the data collection process of my research.