Handball Workshop in Lavender Hill

Budget: 4.387,50€ (+170€)

In the second year of the Kulu Manzi project and especially during the fourth stay in South Africa, our focus was on structural changes to the project. Nevertheless, collecting money was again an essential part of our actions this year. With the help of our newly acquired cooperation partners, we were able to establish a handball and educational project at the schools in Lavender Hill. We covered the costs for an internship program throughout 2018 as well as the care of the intern and her family on their way out of poverty. In addition, we provided four school classes with the books they needed to learn.



  • 1 x internship program for 12 months
  • 1 x Poverty Stoplight program for 12 months
  • 4 x equipment of a school class with books
  • 1 x transaction fees
  • Plus: 170€ that were donated explicitly for our flights