• Emilia Adonis

    The Kulu Manzi scholarship program enters its second round

    We are very pleased to introduce the second recipient of our scholarship to you today. This year we again launched the scholarship together with the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town. In this way we enable a student with limited financial means to continue her studies, which she would otherwise not have been able to afford. The name of this year’s scholarship holder is Emilia Adonis. She is from Eerste River, a suburb of Cape Town. With the help of our funding, she was able to enroll in the “Sports Development” master’s course. Emilia is an ambitious and determined young woman and already has an impressive path behind…

  • Stolze Vereinsgründer

    Kulu Manzi becomes an association!

    At the end of a turbulent 2020, we turned Kulu Manzi into a non-profit (unregistered) association. With the founding of the association, we have taken another decisive step in the history of Kulu Manzi and have rewarded ourselves for an admittedly not always easy year. The Kulu Manzi project thus becomes the Kulu Manzi association. The big advantage for you as a supporter: From now on we are allowed to issue donation receipts and thus provide our donors with tax breaks. Something hasn’t changed, though: Our primary goal is still to make sure that all donations reach our projects in Cape Town without any detours. We are sure that this…

  • Uncategorized

    Inside Kulu Manzi

    Do you sometimes wonder what we do at Kulu Manzi all the time? Usually we give you updates about news from Cape Town, share the latest developments in our projects with you or tell you how our current protégé is doing at university. Today, however, we would like to give you an insight into our – well, maybe not daily, but regular – work for Kulu Manzi. It has changed a lot in the past few years. In the early days of Kulu Manzi – when we were still called the Kulu Manzi Surfing Foundation – a large part of our work was supporting the local Lavender Hill children. After…

  • Announcement

    Meet Rusche Petersen

    We would like to introduce you to the first scholarship holder that we are allowed to support in the history of Kulu Manzi in his studies. Our scholarship holder is called Rusche Petersen and comes from the Manenberg township. With our support, he was able to officially enroll in the “Sport, Development and Peace” diploma course in April 2020. He lives in the township of Manenberg, has three siblings, loves sports and is otherwise very committed. Rusche is an impressive young person who has had to go through a lot in his life and, despite everything, has managed to go his own way. You can find out more about Rusche…

  • News

    News from Kulu Manzi: We cooperate with the University of the Western Cape (UWC)!

    We are thrilled to be able to confirm our new project for 2020 to you today: Together with the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, we have set up a scholarship program and thus enable a student from a township to graduate. Our scholarship holder is called Rusche Petersen, comes from the Township Manenberg and with our funding was now able to officially enroll in the diploma course “Sport, Development and Peace”. Rusche is an impressive young person with a moving story. We are very happy that we can support him on his way to work! You can find out more about Rusche and the cooperation with the…

  • News

    Kulu Manzi in times of Corona crisis

    Covid-19 does not leave South Africa without a trace. After the start of the national lockdown on March 26th, curbing the virus has top priority. The rule is: stay at home and slow down the spread. Fortunately, most townships are still relatively unaffected. Nevertheless, we look towards Lavender Hill with concern: where so many people live together in a confined space, social distancing is a far greater challenge than for us in Germany. We hope that the measures will work and that the townships will be largely spared. Meanwhile, we are using the time and are working on new cooperation opportunities from Germany. After we established the handball programs at…